Top Ten Restaurant Turkeys

We’re not, like, Scrooges or anything, but the food scene around Christmas time is decidedly “whevs dude”. It’s all about food at home and the traditions we love to loathe, from over-cooked beef (“because turkey is ALWAYS dry”) to present-opening time slots (just the thing to keep the kids permanently one step ahead of capitalist meltdown). So to enter into the spirit, we thought we’d give you a quick Top 10 of the world’s biggest restaurant turkeys. They’ll have you begging for more sprouts. Read full post


Luxury Food Shortages

Attention fine food lovers, stereotypes of single womanhood, staying-in aficionados and anyone anywhere who eats: Eat all the wine, chocolate, olives, prawns and cheese you can. Build a massive food ark if you must. And do it RIGHT NOW because the world as we know it that supplies all these things is GOING TO END. And it’s all China’s fault. [Allegedly.]  Read full post


The Gay Hussar (Use It Or Lose It)

Soho. It’s a word to conjure with. From Dickensian novels through the screaming Twenties, the severe drubbing of the Forties, the loucheness of the Sixties and Seventies, the gaudiness of the Eighties and the slightly wearily seen-it-all-before Noughties, it’s allowed us to mould it to our collective imagination like a slightly more careworn Tina Turner (“be who you want me to be…”) and yet retained an air of even more dissipated dignity. Read full post


Five Foodie Thumbs Up

Bitch, bitch, bitch: sometimes it’s all too appealing to denigrate, slag off and take the complete mickey out of the crazy unfathomable world that is food. Too many chefs trying to be too OUT THERE, too many restaurateurs openly craving profit over customer satisfaction, too many merely-adequate meals in merely-adequate dining rooms — it’s so easy to fall into the trap of negativity. But, hold hard food-loving friends, we are clambering out of that deep dark pit into the light and this time, we’re having us a little celebratory round-up of the brilliant, sparkly, shiny, new trends happening in Food World. Read full post


Autumn Food Bites

After a lazy, drifting summer spent in pub gardens and back gardens, drinking craft ciders, English wines and Negronis and snacking on chicken skin popcorn and big butch salads, Autumn always heralds a bit of a snap-to; a finger on the reset button as foodies, chefs and restaurateurs all look to pull people back inside with hot new dishes and/or “concepts” (depending on whether the very concept of a concept makes you want to beurk or not…). So here’s our smorgasbord of things to look out for before the slog of the turkey dinner.

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Cask Ale Week 2013

(Guest Blog) People who drink cask ale go to more pubs more often and spend more money when they get there. But if you’re thinking matted beards, socks with sandals and beige cardigans – think again. The age-old beverage is rapidly shedding its unfashionable image, and has been busy garnering a new demographic of devotees, along with renewed potential to breathe life into the ailing beer market. Over eight million self-confessed ale fans now enjoy the stuff on an increasingly regular basis. And it seems to be losing its aforementioned tired image, as more young people and women jump on the bandwagon. Read full post


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