Food Festivals

The Great Dorset Chilli Festival; BBC Good Food Show; Clitheroe Food Festival; Banbury Food Fair; Norfolk Food and Drink Festival; Fishstock Brixham; Liverpool Food Festival; Taste London; Stroud Food Festival…. How does that make you feel? Excited, enthusiastic, tastebuds on full point? Or a bit weary as the list of ‘local’ food festivals around the country grows longer than the list of Gregg Wallace’s exes. Read full post


Restaurant Babylon

Shocking news everyone: Restaurants are out to get you. According to a new book by Imogen Edwards-Jones, best known for her series of ‘Babylon’ exposures (as in ‘Hotel’) the restaurant world cannot be trusted and is simply out to hook ‘em, catch ‘em and fry ‘em (in nobody’s parlance). Read full post


Restaurant Closures In The North Of England

Northern foodies will have been saddened to hear recently the news that Anthony Flinn has closed all four of his restaurants in Leeds. Having trained in Huddersfield, Flinn went on to work with Ferran Adria at El Bulli and honed his excellent craft before bringing it to the gratified attention of those of us who choose to live elsewhere other than London, instead bringing it home and reinvigorating the dining options of that proud Yorkshire city. Anthony’s Restaurant, Piazza by Anthony, Rib Shakk and Anthony’s Patisserie are now officially in administration with 70 redundancies also to be counted. Leeds is undoubtedly a poorer gastronomic place without him and we hope he returns soon. Read full post


Posh Burgers And Other Stories

It’s not really flaming June, is it? Never mind, we won’t bang on… In our tireless bid to keep tastebuds and tummies salivating, we’ve got a quick round-up of what’s hot (as opposed to the weather) and what’s not (the weather) on the mighty surreal Planet Food. Read full post


Oiling The Wheels

The last two weeks have seen the dreaded lumbering EU creature of darkness shake off its sloth and remind us how it can suddenly change our little lives for the worse. It reared its head and sniffed the air, desperate to source a little fresh meat and settled on frightening the bejesus out of restaurateurs, chefs and olive oil producers alike. Read full post


Bye Bye Delia

Veering away from restaurant news this time (woah!) and we thought we’d have a muse on the icon that is Delia Smith and her (most) recent announcement that she’s quitting TV for good (this time. Really truly. She’s gone. See ya). She claims – not without foundation – that much of the cooking on TV these days is about entertainment, rather than education. She is looking to the future by continuing to educate via her website and online videos (although one could argue that these days it’s all one and the same, TV and online, but she is nothing if not a visionary). Read full post


News Bites

This time of year is all about The World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards, so naturally all foodies are breathlessly anticipating the crowning of Rene Redzepi’s Noma for the 4th year running – or not, given his bad luck with that food poisoning outbreak a little while back. If he gets it, he will have equalled El Bulli’s record; if he doesn’t, then frankly your guess is as good as ours and did you put any money on it? Read full post


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