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Word on the street is that ‘boil-in-the-bag’ is back and coming to a kitchen near you – and no, we’re not talking grey cod in an indeterminate flour-based sauce. Every foodie worth their Himalayan Crystal salt knows that the sous-vide (under vacuum) method is a standard in ambitious restaurant kitchens these days, but there are plans afoot to bring it within the reach of your average domestic god and goddess.

Sous-vide flag-bearer Heston Blumenthal spent some time late last year promoting the SousVide Supreme – one of the first attempts to replicate the commercial machines for use in a home kitchen. It produces – as you might expect – outstanding results and food journalists and bloggers went wild for the perfectly scrambled eggs and meat cooked à  point at the demonstration. But this acme of culinary consummation will cost you around £499 for the machine itself, at least £50 for the separately sold vacuum sealer and, ooh, £10,000 for the new kitchen you’re going to have to build to house it. Read full post

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