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Alderley Edge (2006)

Alderley Edge -- the place is synonymous with wealth on a fairly grand scale. Posh and Becks famously lived here. Now Wayne Rooney is just a couple of miles down the road. But the village itself is surprisingly small and self-contained. For the moment, it has also avoided corporate invasion. London Road, a self-explanatory thoroughfare next to the ...Read This Article

Chestergate, Macclesfield (2006)

IN what must be one of the more peculiar quirks of the British railway system, the little town of Macclesfield, nestling in the foothills of the Pennines, is a major halt on the main Manchester to Euston line. As you climb the hill towards Chestergate there are plenty of shops and an impressive town hall and parish church of St Michael and All Ange...Read This Article

Hale (2006)

Hale is like Alderley Edge without the brash, flash 'nouveau' air, which makes the latter a tad lacking in real class. Long before the railway brought commuters to the Cheshire Plain, this was a pretty rural outpost. And, despite the fact that it is now only a 15-minute walk or so away from bustling Altrincham town centre, Hale village retains a pa...Read This Article

King Street, Knutsford (2006)

King Street Knutsford is, in a word, charming. This narrow little thoroughfare is packed with cafes, shops and restaurants catering for the wealthy folk who live round here. Even the charity outlets are a cut above. Executive homes may be creeping up to its boundaries, but the actual village of Knutsford still retains the rural charm which made it ...Read This Article

London Road (2006)

London Road is exactly that. Before the advent of the M6, it was the major thoroughfare south. The A6, as it's otherwise known, is now gridlocked on a regular basis asit is not quite wide enough to cope with the massive increase in traffic volume. It's usually noisy, smelly, and a pretty rotten place to be if you're a driver or a pedestrian for tha...Read This Article

Lymm (2006)

Lymm, a picturesque little commuter village about four miles south of Altrincham, is sadly surrounded by the sprawl of suburbia and motorways. But its heart, prettily skirted by the Bridgewater Canal, remains defiantly rural. The most recognisable landmark and the centre of the village is The Cross - which is based on ancient steps carved out of th...Read This Article

Main Street, Frodsham (2006)

Frodsham is a pretty little town about 10 miles or so from Chester. It's something of a rural oasis in a landscape which is largely industrial in hue with Warrington a couple of stops down the line. However, its centre remains charming and relatively untouched by the ravages of time and 'progress.' Main Street may sound like an American kind of pla...Read This Article

Market Street, Hyde (2006)

Hyde is the land that time forgot. Its old-fashioned market square and vast redbrick town hall are reminders of its splendid past as a mill town. The heyday is long gone and the affluence of surrounding areas like Gee Cross and Marple has yet to make it here but there are signs things will change pretty soon. Most "eateries" are still takeaways and...Read This Article

Palmyra Square (2006)

Palmyra Square was built to honour the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and is an official conservation area. Complete with pretty gardens and war memorial it is tucked away behind the brasher streets of Warrington town centre. Secrets to be discovered include several decent bars and restaurants. One of its most long-established, Le Frog, has unfo...Read This Article

Prestbury Village (2006)

Alderley Edge might get far more publicity but neighbouring Prestbury Village is where the serious serious money is. Though only a few miles from Manchester Airport and the M60, it retains the sort of rural charm and style which is but a memory in the flashier Cheshire suburbs. Still a very small and exclusive residential area, it punches way above...Read This Article

The Downs, Altrincham (2006)

The Downs, which is five minutes or so walking distance from Altrincham railway station, has long been a haunt for foodie connoisseurs. For many years, 'The French' Brasserie and pricier restaurant of the same name over the road were the favoured place for locals in the know. But now the area has gone way upmarket and as property prices have soared...Read This Article

The Rows, Chester (2006)

Chester's Rows are rightly regarded as one of the finest tourist attractions in the world. Intricately designed many centuries ago, they once housed the good folk of the city, and had innumerable taverns (many of ill repute). Some of the original 13th-century buildings have survived but many of these two-level, beautiful black-and-white timbered bu...Read This Article

Widnes Road, Widnes (2006)

Widnes, to be more specific the town's railway station, is famed as the place where Paul Simon wrote Homeward Bound. Since this occurred in the 1960s, things have changed a great deal. Like Liverpool, just 10 miles or so down the road, Widnes has had bad times. But things seem to be on the up. Victoria Square, an Italian-inspired architectural wond...Read This Article


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