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7 Blackpool Road, Kirkham, PR4 2RE
Call this Venue on 01772 681515 and mention Sugarvine

Review by Bally

I was in restaurant on Christmas Day the food was fabulous,service excellent, we live in Glasgow and holiday in st Anne's 3 times a year and always visit this restaurant when we are on holiday it never disappoints us.

Review by Cathy

Yum yum yum, fantastic and tasty Indian food at Buraq!

Review by Pillman

Another tasty takeaway from Buraq last night. Highly recommended.

Review by Chelseahen

Been to the Buraq on many occasions the food is always excellent. Unfortunately this time the service was very slow, dispite the fact we were almost the only table being waited on all the others were serve yourself banquet. On this occasion we were disappointed. We will use this restaurant again hopefully we won't have to wait ages between courses.

Review by Jazzy

Favourite Indian in the area. Buraq serves a better quality of Indian food, a richer flavour and better meat or perhaps marinated longer?. I always order my takeaway from there too, even though there are other Indian takeaways nearer. The Sugarvine offer is great value. Keep it up guys!

Review by Will.i.am

Dined at Buraq in Kirkham last night with the Sugarvine offer. Great value at £11.95 for 3 courses. Food was excellent, service impeccable. Also nice touches like a complimentary carafe of water with separate ice. On a different note, how on earth do they get their white linen so clean!

Review by Harry

Took my 70-something-year-old mum for her first Indian and where better than Buraq? She was mightily impressed with both the decor and the staff just as we always are. Started her off with a chicken korma and a mango lassi - will leave the vindaloo until her next visit! Try and get a booth if you can.

Review by N

Great meal last night with my husband. Service very professional and impressed they spotted an overcharge on the bill before I did and removed it. Food very tasty and full of flavour filled herbs and spices. The food is oily but they use ghee which is far better than oil most Indian restaurants use. Apparently its because this restaurant is Pakistani owned not Bangladeshi like most others in UK. Best in Fylde I would say.

Review by Juicey

Enjoyed the great value takeaway deal listed above. A tenner for a great Indian meal and delivered!

Review by Gavin

This restaurant advertises special offers that are only available for takeaway not dine in, without any mention of this. They said it was a mistake by sugarvine funny as they've made same mistake on their own website.

Review by Mookie

I'm not enough of a curry geek to pronounce with any authority on the food here. But what I will say is that the decor and overall experience is second to none on the Fylde Coast. Plenty of space between the tables (even a booth if you are lucky), smart table settings and crockery, courteous staff, own car park. Worth the drive along Preston new Road to Kirkham for sure.

Review by Townie

Excellent food and service, one of my favorite restaurants, the staff are so lovely too. Cant fault it, get yourself gone !!

Review by Dannyb83

I visited Buraq for the first time with my girlfriend on Boxing day. We both was delighted at the perfect attention to detail in the service and the food prepared was faultless.

So we recommended it to our families and friends and returned with my girlfriends parents tonight.

We were amazed at how much could change in a week. We ordered poppadoms the first week and they were waiting on the table for us. Tonight they never brought them yet they were on the bill at the end.

Review by Natasha

One of the better Indian restaurants in the fylde. Flavoursome dishes, good service, nice atmosphere. I would eat here again.

Review by Red

Our new favourite Indian restaurant in the Fylde. Good service in pleasant surroundings. Most importantly the food was very good. A bit greasy and oily perhaps, however that unfortunately seems to be a staple ingredient of Indian food made for the English. King Prawn Jalfrezi and Sag Aloo were tip top.

Review by Del

Great food, nice place, friendly and professional service. Very good value for money too.

Review by Melanie

You really can't fault the Buraq, top quality food (and lots of it) excellent service and very good value for money.

Review by Sheila Watts

great place for eating with friends, relaxed atmosphere, food just wonderful and lots of it, staff very nice and helpful,

Go again and again

Review by Lisa

went there last week with famliy and the food was really nice and the service we got was great, i never really wanted to go top buraq because i thought it will be rubbish but family insisted to go so i went. the food the place, was really good made and soafs great seated. they gave us a smile at the door when we walked in, the food didn't take too long but average as it was busy because of a saturday as expected. but the food was really great the people were really nice and a think people should go there often i would love to go again. they have some good looking workers lol i think they were really fit.....

Review by Tasha

went to burqah last night, was pleasantly surprised, nice bright modern decor, buzzy atmosphere good service and you get free popadoms!!
Had a lamb roghan josh, slightly chewy bit oily but very nice all the same, would eat here again.

Review by Kev

This was our first visit and found it excellent value for money having the £9.50 buffet. The welcome and service we received very good and genuine. The only point I would raise is that perhaps on arrival when seated in the waiting area and informing the host of the intent to have the buffet, is the host should ask if this was our first time and present us with the buffet menu (which we only saw on departure). Now we know the 'score' we will be back!

Review by Pure Muir

Have never made it to Buraq before - partly because it's Kirkham-way and requires a drive to get there and partly because from the outside it doesn't look up to much (the Little Chef school of architecture). But they say never judge a book by the cover and having eaten at Buraq for the first time this week I have to say I was really blown away by the experience. There's a stylish bar area with funky lighting, wooden floors, comfy leather sofas and chunky wooden tables and a dining room that is really more like a fine dining restaurant. We got a booth as it was fairly quiet on a Wednesday evening, and literally spent five minutes complimenting the décor and ambience. Quite simply, you will not find a more luxurious Indian restaurant in the Fylde. And as for the "mints" at the end you will have to go there and find out for yourselves. . .

Review by Centerhalf

My latest visit to the Buraq last Saturday confirmed, if any confirmation was needed, that in my opinion this is the best Indian restaurant in the Fylde by a country mile. Each visit has been as good if not better than the last in terms of service, food quality, surroundings etc.

Review by Jules

Visited 22nd May with my family. Excellent service, stylish and comfortable surroundings. Found the food to be about average Indian fayre to be honest but the excellent service compensated for this. Good vibrant atmosphere, might just have been unlucky in menu choice on this occasion. Would certainly try it again and could recommend it for the ambience and service. Nice touch providing jug of chilled water on the table.

Review by The Wds

This was the second time my wife and I had visited Buraq, the first time was exceptionally good. While our experience was similar this time, I thought it wise to add another review for comparison and to show that Buraq is consistently good, which is important with similar priced menus available at many eateries across the Fylde.

We opted to dine from the £9.50 (at the time of writing this) Sunday "eat as much as you want" banquet menu. It would seem rude not to.

We were greeted by a member of staff on a break outside and again greeted in a similar pleasant manner upon entering the door.

We were seated in the spacious waiting area and given the two available menus and asked what we would like to drink while we looked at the menu.

There was a tray of pickles/dips on the table as we were seated and we were advised our starters would only be a few minutes. My wife asked for a couple of popadums which were provided free of charge, as was the jug of iced water (without asking).

While I unfortunately cannot remember the names of all the dishes that were provided (it was a fixed menu, but you got everything on it) I can describe them.

The starters consisted of (each) two mushroom pakoras, a lamb puri in a chapatti, a lamb kofta type kebab shaped as a burger, side salad.

The mushroom pakoras were excellent (and that's coming from someone who doesn't like mushrooms), not greasy at all, very crisp. The lamb was excellent, I could have eaten it all day. Bar the fried pakora, none of the starters were hot, all warm (temperature not spice) likely because cold plates were used due to the salad. Buraq would be wise to take note and serve the salad in a separate bowl and use hot plates if they can.

The main courses were: lamb , a sweet and sour chicken tikka dish, chicken jalfrezi, lamb dhansak (with pineapple), accompanied by boiled onion rice, a spinach and paneer dish, and a fairly large naan bread each.

The lamb was excellent, sweet and coconutty, just as my wife likes, the jalfrezi was a medium temperature (spice wise), the accompaniments were all absolutely fine. All were piping hot.

My wife finished with a strawberry ice cream (plenty of it, about 5 scoops) which we were not charged for (but in case that was an oversight, we left a large tip).

The meal was rounded off by a coffee and a tea and two complimentary drinks of our choice (we chose brandy). The whole total (which included two pints of Cobra lager).. £26.50.

A superb price, excellent and swift service again, and more than we could eat. We couldn't have asked for more (except hot starter plates). Keep it up Buraq, we think you are the best Indian in the area by far.

Apologies to Buraq for the mess my wife left on the tablecloth from the curry :)

Review by Mickyboy

Took my mother for her birthday 12.3.09, surroundings modern but subtle, staff very pleasant and helpful, meal superb, my partner had a fish curry and was absolutely delighted, 4 starters, 4 main course, 2 rice 2 naan 2 chips, lots of Kingfisher and a bottle of House White, £83.00, and free poppadoms with chutney and a complimentary drink for all 4 of us at the end of the meal (whatever u wanted).... Excellent, will be going again.. Thanks to all the staff at the Buraq !! Highly recommended !!

Review by The Wds

My Wife and I had read all the great reviews on SugarVine for Buraq and had been informed by a few people locally how good it was.

We use a number of Indian restaurants on the Fylde coast and on occasion, further a field, so were keen to give it a go.

We decided to initially try their seemingly excellent deal of "£9.95 Eat as much as you like buffet" as this is an option between 1.00pm and 6.30pm on a Sunday.

We were met at the door with a pleasant smiling face and showed to a seat in their fairly large waiting area near the bar. we were provided with both the standard menu and the buffet menu and asked for a drinks order straight away. Indian beer lovers should note that at the time of writing this, they serve both Cobra and Kingfisher on draft, and it is under £3 a pint - which is as cheap as most places do it in 330ml bottles.

It was fairly quiet (no really a surprise for a Sunday, it's not really a traditional Sunday lunch is it), just a few other couples in, and we were shown to our table almost immediately.

The surroundings were good, I would suggest the nicest Indian I have been in, and a nice view of their clean, tidy, landscaped rear garden. The linen (proper linen) was all clean and tidy, the cutlery of good quality.

It appears the buffet may change weekly, as ours was headed "Week 6" and it was indeed the 6th week of the year.

Our starters (you get everything on the buffet menu, you don't have to choose) were Garlick Tikka Chicken, Seekh kebab and a Samosa, served with the normal tray of pickles you would get with poppadums.

We finished them in no time flat, the chicken being especially good. We were offered more, and accepted! The only minor complaint here was that the seekh kebab was almost cold, it had been perfectly cooked through and as these are like koftas, they can be served cold, I don't think it was meant to be, but it didn't mar our starters in any way, they were great. My wife also asked for a poppadom to go with the pickle tray, this did not feature on the bill at the end.

Our main courses came in approximately soup sized bowls, Chilli Chicken and a Lamb Passanda, accompanied by one plate of Chicken Biriyani, which was like a spiced chicken fried pilau rice. This was a sensible addition to the courses as it negated needing a separate order of rice! The main meals were served with a side order of spiced vegetables and a garlic chapatti.

We could have ordered more of any of the dishes, but certainly didn't need to after two starters.

The food was excellent, my wife couldn't get enough of the passanda, but she does have a sweet tooth.

We were given some mints and a choice of tea or coffee, and while waiting for the bill, we were asked what we would like as a complimentary drink on the house. I have no idea if this is standard practice for every customer (though I note that it has been mentioned on sugarvine previously), just on your first visit maybe, or if it happens every time - nonetheless, it was a nice and welcome touch, as was the carafe of iced water on the table without request.

This was certainly the best quality of food and best service I have had in any Indian restaurant in probably 20 years of going to them.

We can both thoroughly recommend Buraq.

I mentioned earlier that an Indian meal is not a traditional Sunday Lunch in the UK, well with quality, quantity and value for money that Buraq offers, it may well become one! (at least for us!).

Full marks 10/10!

Review by The Chilli Wuss

the food and service were very good, friendly staff and a cheerful atmosphere, we will soon be back again.

Review by Nikki

OMG!!!!! this restaurant is looking absolutely stunning, there was nothing wrong with the old place but it looks unbelievable now. the service and food we received like always is Absolutely incredible. 10/10 every time. They also have a tuctuc been promised to get a ride home in it when the weathers better.

Review by Trigger

We have been going to Buraqs for many years now.The food is always A1,the service is excellent and the atmosphere is great.
Its our favourite Indian Restaurant ! 10/10

Review by Centrehalf

It's the little touches that make the difference, linen tablecloths and napkins, carafe of iced water on the table without being asked, good quality substantial cutlery, complimentary drink while the bill was being prepared, a whisky for me, Baileys for my wife and to top all that I had forgotten just how good Indian cuisine can be having become used to take aways swimming in gee. This place is first class and I will be back.

Review by Nookynooknook

went for the first time on a monday evening, was surprised to see the place was quite busy, but now i know why!! The food was excellent, but above all the service was second to none- very very impressed. I will be back

Review by Al

This has got to be the best Indian restaurant in the North West. Food is delicious, excellent service and therefore wouldn't entertain going any where else. Even Roy Chubby Brown was eating there last time we went, now he is a Fat B****** and if its good enough for Chubby, it's good enough for me!

Review by Secret Admirer

woo harry and caz are the best but caz is better and tariq is a big bossy person and cha cha is a very cool kitchen kid :)
wacas has a cool pink tie(H)
lol lol lol lol lol
we love the restaurant and spesh harry and caz :D:D:D:D(H)(H)(H)

Review by J Haworth

Have driven past here on my way to work for 3 years and thought we would try it. We were amazed by the food, value and relaxed atmosphere. Most of all the service is excellent and that is why we continue to visit time and time again.

Review by My Mum

Harry works here therefore its the bestest place in the whole wide world - - EXEPT tariq needs to stop being bossy!!!xx

Review by Mick

We must have visited a dozen times. The food has always been first class and the service friendly and attentive. What speaks volumes is the fact that the restaurant is always very busy.

Review by Leon.

I think that this restaurant has an amazing variety of food. The actual food itself is amazing. I am only 14, so I like to go for the milder things, i.e. Korma's, and Chicken Tikka Massala. I think that this food is amazing.

Review by A Coleman

My missus and I are disappointed that it took us over a year to find this fantastic restaurant. The ambience is fantastic with the tables nicely spread out with loads of space. The staff are great and after one visit remembered us. The standard of the food is very high, with a well varied menu, and more than once we have seen Asian clientele which is unusual for us. In summary - excellent. Highly recommended.

Review by P

Fantastic! Customer Service was excellent, food was very tasty and made to how we liked it, atmosphere was cosy, and waiters very friendly.

Definitely recommend this restaurant to people who want great affordable food with the added bonus of cheery friendly staff!

Review by M Smith

Perfect Indian restaurant.. Must try one of the best Indian cuisine ..

Review by Martin

Been here many times, I am always welcomed by a happy smile from the young fella behind the bar. The atmosphere is really inviting and the chef has magic in his hand as the food is always outstanding. I would definitely recommend this from the bottom of my heart...

Review by Nesbits

Had a lovely evening. Plenty of staff, all really pleasant. The food was fantastic. Apologies were given for delay between first and second course - although we said we didn't notice any delay, we were still offered a drink on the house. Can't wait to go again.

Review by Nicola

the food was outstanding and the service equally as good really friendly and helpful. i will certainly be going again.

Review by Khan

it was so good u should go there and try your self

Review by Steph

This restaurant is a real pleasure to visit. Everything is "spot on"

Review by John Smith

Visited with family many time find nice place with lots of changes, a new thing i like is peacocks & rabbits, ducks in backgarden kids enjoyed a lot . the meal was outstanding with free complementary drink . nice clean place..

Review by Stevie

The service and the food were both outstanding. I had an excellent, relaxing evening. A beautiful and large restaurant. I can't wait for the summer to appreciate the lovely, large garden. Been twice and would definitely go again.

Review by Astralbee

Everything about this restaurant is lovely. The entrance and reception are warm and comfortable. You are seated on sofas while you browse the menu and are served your first drinks. The prices are average, but the set meal for 2 at £29.50 is excellent value with poppadoms, starters, mixed main courses + a side dish, bread, rice, and finally coffee and mints. We were also offered a complimentary drink when we paid our bill! The decor is lovely - traditional yet modern. There are tables with booths - perfect for a romantic meal. And outside the window is a beautiful garden, possibly even open in the summer, but even in winter it is lit at night and creates a beautiful window view. The food was excellent, the waiters very attentive, and we were not rushed through our meal. We would definitely return here, even though we live in Cleveleys and it is a drive out.

Review by Victoria

This restaurant was great. We really really enjoyed it. We saw some families there and also there are booths at the back for couples etc. The garden is lovely and the service is excellent, attentive but not over the top. The food was absolutely wonderful, catering for me, a fussy vegetarian, very well. The owner is great. I don't think this is the cheapest restaurant but only a little above average and I believe you get exactly what you pay for. The place is lovely. I will definitely go back.

Review by Terry

Booked for New Year party, one of the good restaurants we have visited, plenty space, and Recommends for parties.
Food & service is good. Good decorated with excellent food.

Review by A Smith

I really enjoyed this restaurant!!! I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a fabulous night out! Excellent standard of food and service, I've been a couple of times & every time i feel some change. (Means to say they keep them updating), 1 more thing see there back garden with Big Black Rabbit jumping around.

Review by Sasha

Very nice location, visited once & food is good, very clean environment, like their back garden, and must try this. Buraq keep putting new offers, when I visited it was free starter & last time my friend visited they had a free bottle of wine.

Review by Colin

Nicely decorated but food average. Would not go out of way to have meal there. Sagars is still king!

Review by Angel

We have just had our second visit to this restaurant and as always we left feeling very spoiled and very satisfied. Nice touch is the free drink at the end of your choice and the lollypop (yes I said lollypop) lovely!! Price is very reasonable and service is excellent without being intrusive.

Review by Lancsangel01@aol.com

A lovely place for a romantic meal with a special person

Review by Sue

Really really enjoyed our meal here. It was great. Restaurant was spotless and relatively busy (just nice)
Waiter was charming and the owner came to chat with us. The food was absolutely outstanding. one off the best Indian Meals I have had. The place has been really nicely developed and the garden looks great.

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