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Hrishikesh Desai with his wealth of experience in Michelin-starred restaurants has taken over as Executive Head Chef at Gilpin Hotel & Lake House after staving off some stiff competition on Alex Polizzi's Chefs on Trial TV programme.

Hrishikesh is one of the few chefs to have won both the Roux Scholarship (2009) and the Craft Guild of Chef's National Chef of the Year (2010) awards, and unique in that he won these in consecutive years. He brings with him a wealth of experience including Institute Paul Bocuse, Les Maison de Bricourt, Le Chateau do Bagnol, French Laundry and Lucknam 'The Park'.

Hrishikesh has teamed up with Sugarvine to answer your cookery questions:

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After poaching chicken breasts in water, how should I cool them, for later use with a salad? - Ian Green


Ideally the chicken breasts should be left in the water to cool down as this will help in absorbing the moisture and in return the chicken breast stays moist. If it were to be me poaching chicken breasts then I will use just enough water to poach the chicken breasts ( best way to this is to place the chicken in the pan, pour water over just enough to cover the breast, then take the chicken breast out so that the water can boil). I will flavour the water with one bashed stick of lemon grass, 15gm roughly chopped ginger, 1 clove of garlic bashed/crushed, generous pinch of rock salt and a sprig of thyme. Then I will bring this water to boil and hold the boil for 30 seconds. Then drop the chicken breast (approximately 250gm) and reduce the temperature to very low simmer. Cover the pan and cook the breast for 15minutes (remember no boil) and then allow to cool in the water. This way the chicken breast will act like a sponge and will absorb all the flavours. Once ready to handle remove the chicken, cover in a clean j cloth and then store in the fridge. Also remember when slicing this chicken or cutting this poached chicken try to bring it to room temperature so that you get the best flavours. Hope this helps. Thank you

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