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Bowlee Mill, Heywood Old Road, Middleton, M24 4SD
Call this Venue on 0161 653 6677 and mention Sugarvine

Review by Taj Khan

Very nice

Review by Kazzie

I have been going to Karims for a few years and I can't rate it highly enough. I've never been let down when I've been. It can get quite busy but I've never failed to get a seat and the food is great. The main thing for me though is the staff, they really are great. They are child friendly and even the ones that aren't too good with their English make an effort. It needs a proper rating as I haven't seen on done on it yet but it would pass with flying colours.

Review by Heather Critchley

I have been to karims on several occasions and i absolutely love the place.The sweet coloured rice i haven't a clue what it is called and the curried mixed vegetables are fab, i would recommend this place to people who love variety and great tasting foods.

Review by Maf

Just about the most fantastic restaurant we have ever come across. It is so easy, clean, service is great and above all the welcome you get is the best.
All the staff have a great respect for the customers, the food is just fantastic.
This restaurant pays particular attention to detail.

Review by Shoeshine

A little too expensive if you ask me, even though the food was lovely. You can get a similar deal elsewhere for a bit less but don't let it put you off too much. I would go again but this time I would get someone else to pay.

Review by Karlos

Nice place - been a few times over the years and brought lots of different people with me.

Everyone enjoyed their Karims experience!

Really nice staff, great authentic range of foods (not keen on the pasta but hey!), decent parking and a no frills nice experience.

Well done Karim :)

Review by Ashyuk786

Me and my wife loved it even that I did not book in advance for Saturday night. they where pack out when arrived there but I waited only5-6min and help me find a seat to have me dinner,, even that it was very busy the service was excellent, I enjoyed my time there, food was perfect the way I like it the choices is unbelievable.

Review by T

i have been to karim's on two or three occasions now. it was a pleasant experience and i would recommend others to try it out.

Review by Sue N Bob

I have been going to Karim's for years,Excellent value, GREAT FOOD, REALLY FRIENDLY WARM AND WELCOMING. I RECOMMEND 101% try it for yourself..sue

Review by Mick

Nice food, Buffet style, plenty to eat. No alcohol allowed. Extra charge if you use your credit card to pay.

More about Karims Restaurant, Middleton
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