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You Are What You Eat

11 Oct 2018

Recipe box provider Gousto has been comparing UK eating habits with those in Europe to see what they reveal about our lifestyle and the impact on our health and wellbeing. According to OECD research, we spend just 1 hour 18 minutes a day eating our meals in the UK compared with 1 hour 36 minutes in Germany, 2 hours in Denmark and 2 hours and 13 minutes each day for the French, who top the league table (the Dutch are bottom).




Does it matter? In the UK, our busy modern lives and changes in food trends have contributed to a snacking culture. Often, in a rush for food we’re going for quick or cheap calories and eating on the go which has a knock-on effect on our health according to Margaret Morris, PhD in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Countries which centre eating around socialising through shared meals have been shown to have improved longevity, reduced rates of chronic disease and lower rates of obesity according to The Food Marketing Institute Foundation. The UK currently has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe with 19.8% of the population classified as obese. Healthier eating can also improve mental health. Studies show that people who have healthier diets are less likely to experience depression. And taking the time to enjoy your meals and spend time with family and friends can contribute a lot to your physical and mental wellbeing. No matter how busy your life is, try to organise more family meals during the week.

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