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Beef Massaman From Bangkok Lounge

12 Jan 2018

Turn up the heat up on your cooking with this award-winning signature dish from the Bangkok Lounge Group, which has restaurants in Harpenden and Shefford.

Massaman curry paste (we suggest Mae Ploy) 31g
Diced onion (3cmx3cm) 52g
Coconut milk (we suggest Chao Koh) 213g
New Potatoes (peeled and boiled) 63g
Sliced thin strips beef top side 147g
Water 60g
Fish sauce (we suggest Pla Muek) 20g
Sugar 26g
Salt 1g
Vegetable oil 34g
Tamarind juice (squeeze from wet tamarind) 60g



Place a deep pan or wok over a medium heat and coat with the oil (10 seconds). Add the massaman curry paste, pour half of the coconut milk and slowly stir (1 minute). Add the beef and raise the heat. Stir until the beef is almost cooked (1 minute). Add the potatoes and onion and pour over the water, tamarind juice and coconut milk. Then, season by adding sugar, fish sauce and salt. Stir together and simmer over a low heat (3 minutes). Transfer to the bowl and enjoy with steamed jasmine rice.

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