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How To Save Money On Your Takeaway Sales

19 Jan 2021
For many hospitality businesses, takeaway sales have proven a lifeline during the Covid-related restrictions and lockdowns. Diners are now accustomed to ordering takeaways online, restaurants and pubs are adding this functionality and existing takeaway businesses are enjoying bumper sales. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are maximising sales and keeping unnecessary transaction costs to the minimum. Sugarvine At Home is an automated takeaway ordering system for your own website and social that can save you money and boost sales. Here’s how:

Reduce Your Transaction Charges To Just 4.5%
The likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo will charge you up to 15% per order on collection orders and up to 30% on deliveries. Sugarvine At Home costs just 4.5% per order and that includes the standard card handling fees. Do the maths! If you can save 10% on every order, that adds up to a significant amount of money in your pocket each month. Say, for example, you are doing £1000 of takeaway sales a week that translates to savings of more than £5,000 a year by switching to Sugarvine At Home.

And even if you don’t have your own delivery drivers and need the likes of Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats, you can still use Sugarvine At Home as a more cost-effective alternative for your collection orders.

Don’t Overpay For Your Own Customer Base
If you have your own website and social media platforms with a decent amount of followers then you really don’t need one of the portals. Just let your customers know that your preferred ordering channel is through Sugarvine At Home linked from your own website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Business Listing.

Your customers don’t care where they order from but you should as you can save yourself thousands of pounds a year.

Talk Direct And Boost Sales
The likes of Just Eat and Deliveroo not only have high transaction charges but take your customers into their own network where they promote other venues and you potentially lose business. What’s more, they don’t let you send marketing messages direct to your customers and they will dominate Google searches, meaning you forever pay high transaction charges.

Sugarvine At Home in effect builds your own takeaway ordering system into your own platforms.

Sugarvine At Home has a one-off, lifetime set-up fee of £300 plus VAT and then just 4.5% per transaction which includes the banks’ card handling fees. To find out more, call us on 01253 698328 or email

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