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Lamb Rump with Lamb Shank Croquette

27 May 2016

The Sorrel restaurant at Ston Easton, located in Bath is renowned for its award winning modern British cooking. Head Chef, Martin Baker creates daily dishes in accordance to the ingredients grown in the hotel's Victorian kitchen garden. The dishes are dictated largely on the ingredients available seasonally, producing the best possible flavours. Martin’s cooking methods are traditional, modern and classic. This month Martin has suggested giving his lamb rump with a lamb shank croquette recipe a go, accompanied by artichokes and baby carrots.

Lamb Rump with Lamb Shank Croquette

To serve 4 people
2 Lamb Rumps
1 Lamb Shank
1kg New Potatoes
1 Handful of Parsley
250g Butter
500g Baby Carrots
1 kg Broccoli
1kg Wild Garlic
500g Spinach
500g Artichoke
1 pint Double Cream
1 pint Jus
1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika
2 Shallots
2 Tablespoons Flour
2 Eggs
4 Tablespoons Breadcrumbs

1. Seal the lamb shank in a frying pan with hot oil, roll the shank in smoked paprika and braise for 6-8 hours at 120°c.
2. Cook the new potatoes until soft, drain and crush the potatoes adding a little butter and chopped parsley.
3. Drop the wild garlic and spinach in to a pan of boiling water for 10 seconds. Drain of the water and place into a liquidiser with half of the cream and blitz until a vibrant green.
4. Once the lamb shank is cooked and cooled, remove the meat from the bone and rip into strands. Add chopped shallots, one egg and mix well; you should now be able to shape the lamb mixture into balls. Roll the balls in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and further shape into barrels and fry until crisp.
5. Peel the artichokes and boil until soft, then add to a liquidiser with the remaining cream and blitz until you reach a smooth puree.
6. Cook the carrots and broccoli and pan-fry the crushed new potatoes.
7. Seal the lamb rumps in a frying pan until the fat is rendered followed by placing the rumps in the oven for 7 minutes at 180°c. You will also need to shallow fry the lamb croquette at this stage.
8. Heat your jus and plate the dish.


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