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Tipping Restaurant Staff Direct From Your Mobile

27 Mar 2017

Gratuu, a tipping solution developed by Manchester-based entrepreneur Renate Kalnina, allows customers to tip staff directly into their bank accounts from their mobile phones. You can tip staff directly or via a virtual tip-jar by scanning a QR code or typing in a unique ID number on the Gratuu website. Gratuu charges 3.5 percent fixed rate per transaction.

By implementing Gratuu, businesses sign up to core principles, one of which is ‘Reward and Recognition’. This allows staff to earn the public recognition for their service excellence whilst being rightfully rewarded. La Bandera in Manchester is the first restaurant to use the application.

Owner Yashin Dadashnejad, 30, said, “I think it is a very good idea for everybody, for the staff, for the customers and for the company. Customers are very excited about the future of the company when I talk about Gratuu because, they recognise that there is potential to provide complete transparency and control in the industry. It is a new approach and you have to be patient. However, I strongly believe that it will take off, like when Deliveroo started no one wanted to give the card details, and now it's everywhere.”

Renate 34, said, “Ultimately we stand for fair and transparent tipping, with customers being able to see exactly where their gratuity money is going. Tipping is a common practice that allows us to reward staff when we wish to. If and when we do tip, it is important that tips end up in the right hands. Gratuu is a compliance solution for businesses and will make leaving a discretionary gratuity a more open and pleasant experience for all.”

For more information and to support the fair and transparent tipping movement, sign up to Gratuu on

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La Bandera

Manchester City Centre

clive - March 27, 2017

Great idea in these supposed times of transparency.

Scott Winstanley - March 28, 2017

Great idea, it's always a worry that staff won't get the tip especially when it's paid along with the main bill.