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It’s not that there’s nothing going on, it’s just sometimes we like to give you a breather, move away from the rants for a while and just give you some nuggets (organic, free-range only) of foodie news and information for you to digest with a cup of coffee or – if you’re making like food dude Fergus Henderson – a mid-morning Madeira. Go on, have a wagon wheel while you’re at it… Read full post


My Way

Egotarian. Now there’s a word to conjure with; a semantic shiny boiled sweet of a word to suck on as we ponder this next wave in food culture. Invented by Alan Richman, who wrote eloquently and volubly in GQ magazine recently about the rise of the egotarian chef in America, it denotes quite succinctly one whose realm is not only the kitchen, but also your palate. No sir, you are no longer in charge; in fact, it’s not about you at all. Read full post


Tesco Extra?

How super is your local supermarket? How much time do you spend there? Daily? Weekly? Even monthly, you’re probably popping in for at least 20 minutes at a time, but is it somewhere you want to spend more time? Like, say, a lunch or early dinner with friends? Not grabbing you by the sweet ‘n’ sour pork balls yet? Bear with, as they say. Read full post


Where to Eat In Broughton-in-Furness

The village of Broughton-in-Furness lies on the Western coast of the Cumbrian Lake District. Specifically at the mouth of the River Duddon that winds its way down from the Langdales through some of the best scenery the national park has to offer. For a small village, though technically a Charter Town, it boasts plenty of options for food and drink, both for locals and tired-out tourists. Read full post


In The Clink

We’ve all made pilgrimages for dinner; been prepared to put in a trek for a bite to eat but would you step behind bars? The Clink started in 2009 and is now running three restaurants in prisons – Brixton, Cardiff and High Down in Surrey – with plans to open 10 more in the next three years. Read full post


The Restaurant Man

The number one ‘Not-At-All-Like-You-Think-It-Will-Be’ Job of All Time has to be ‘Restaurateur’. Someone somewhere, about every five minutes, thinks “Goddammit, I’m done with this ludicrously stable and lucrative accountancy/PR/admin/managerial job; I’m going to sell up, remortgage my house and my children’s kidneys, buy a damp-ridden hole in Arseville and open my own concept restaurant. MAN, I’M GONNA LIVE THE DREAM.” You generally find them 5 months later, partner- and childless, sometimes kidney-less and definitely nearly without a liver due to the quantities of gin consumed to deal with the stress, sleeping on the floor of their ‘dream restaurant’ and twitching every time someone drops a fork. Read full post


A Star In The North?

It has been talked to death why Manchester cannot apparently support a Michelin-starred restaurant. The second (or first!) city and a cultural hotspot, it’s home to a thriving dining scene and plenty of wealthy townsfolk with a ‘tasting menus’-worth of disposable income. Now, however, it seems we have three potential Michelin awardees and, like buses on Oxford Road, two of them came along at once. Read full post


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