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Woodlark, Bordon(Review by Densy)

Great staff service and food...lovely atmosphere...

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Bengal Brasserie, Basingstoke(Review by Zuzana)

"Terrible" Me and my husband decided to go for a dinner to your restaurant. We have been there couple of times and always enjoyed it. Unfortunately this time was a nightmare. Restaurant is open till 23:30. We walked in at 9 PM. They sat us down And offer drink. We chose a bottle of wine and jug of water. In couple of minute server brought wine to us, but forgot water. That's OK so far. Within next 5 minutes we have Been asked 3 times if we are ready to order. I said no, we have not look on the menu yet and i will let him know when we will be ready. And I don't want mention this should be our romantic dinner. When we finally ordered starters which was tasty, but again manager and server have nothing better to do just steering on us and before I have finished my starter the manager try to take away my plate and telling my husband "hurry up your food will get cold". Well excuse me???? How rude! I didn't know if he is just joking, be he wasn't! I told him that we are going for cigaret and went out. Within that they brought my meal on the table and left there. Suddenly door has opened while we was smoking and he has repeated again "hurry up your food getting cold". We went inside I called manager a told his he can take away food, because he just ruin our dinner. I have lost my appetite and don't want to stay there another minute. I am paying for my dinner and don't need to be told how I have to eat and to be rush!!! Never! I have paid my bill -excluded mains which we send back and left to order Chinese take - away. I am a manager in restaurant and this is just not acceptable. If I will treat my customers like this I might be jobless!!!

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The Anchor Inn, Southampton(Review by L J)

Had a huge dinner here, lovely home cooked style, everyone got something they wanted and everyone cleared their plate. The seating area is very nicely decorated, comfortable with a very nice atmosphere. All staff were helpful, quick and friendly. The view is very serene and interesting, unobscured views and lots of crabbing, all equipment can be bought via tuck shop in pub grounds. Great place, kids loved it. would definitely recommend.

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Hunters Lodge, Ringwood(Review by Litch)

Not a bad local pub in its day but was knocked down and houses built on the site. So if you were looking for a pint and a pub lunch you may find yourself in someones living room!

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Herbies Pizza Andover, Andover(Review by Matt P)

I ordered from Herbies Pizza over a year ago and all I can say is what a mistake. Since then, I have received countless text messages from 7 different phone numbers all telling me of 'great offers' from Herbies Andover. At the end of each message you are told 'Txstop2nd'. No matter how many times you text stop to which ever number they message you from, you still get inundated with marketing text messages! My advice to anyone thinking of ringing Herbies Andover is don't do it, unless you don't mind putting up with constant marketing messages which you can do very little to stop. Try Papa Johns instead. The pizza there is 10x better!

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The Marquis Of Granby, Weymouth(Review by Dennis Owen)

I have eaten steak in many many restaurants all over and I can honestly say the best steak for presentation, taste and tenderness was at the Marquis of Granby. My family from Manchester really enjoyed their meals and enjoyed the visit. Thank you to the landlord and staff.

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Quarters, Bournemouth(Review by Juliet)

Scrumptious burgers and yummier puddings.

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The Plough Inn, Andover(Review by Tony Beckett)

Absolutely superb dinner. The Great British Menu winning chef, James Durrant and all his team leave you with a massive smile on your face. Very reasonable prices and a great menu with wonderful surroundings.

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Yew Tree Inn, Hayling Island(Review by Mike Butler)

First visit this week and we thought it absolutely first class. We don't live on Hayling but not far away and we will certainly be visiting again soon for some of your fine food and good atmosphere.

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Indian Cottage, Southsea(Review by Ann-christin Sjölander)

I am a Swedish journalist. Food was good. The staff was indifferent, no feeling whatsoever for the client. food was excellent but due to the totally indiffrence of the staff I am afraid that I would not even dream to recommend this restaurant.

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