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Restaurant reviews

The Greyhound On The Test, Winchester(Review by Simon P)

This pub, restaurant, Inn really is top draw! I would recommend the Greyhound on the Test to anyone in or near Hampshire.

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Three Wishes, Sherborne(Review by Sarah)

I went here a few days ago and it was very nice, lovely staff.

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The Hinkler, Southampton(Review by Pluto)

Nice pub, sexy tenants, luvverly booze, no joined up writing on menu, food cooked with heat. Fresh sawdust on the floor. Wonderful pub & luvverly people

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Quayside Restaurant, Swanage(Review by Noodles)

We have had sunday lunch several times at Quayside and have found both the service and the food to be excellent. The setting is beautiful, with large glass windows on 3 sides of the restaurant giving panoramic views of the seascape. In fact we like it so much that we have booked a large birthday celebration party there.

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Case and Brewer, Dorchester(Review by Sarah)

Best fish and chip shop in dorset. Go in most weekends for their very reasonably priced breaded cod special. We also go in every Tuesday night for one of Their new famous "chicken fillet burgers" which are to die for. The boys in their are very dishy and can't be more helpful fulfilling your every whim. Going their is one of the highlights of my week. Great food, good prices and a bit of eye candy whilst you wait. 5 star, great establishment.

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The Spice Restaurant, Basingstoke(Review by Ned)

Real shame! :( Moved to Basingstoke 2 months ago, had 5 takeaways from here since, normally good food but last Friday took 2 hours to arrive and was freezing cold when it did. Spoke to Duggan the manager who was very apologetic and offered a free meal, just called that that free meal in that came with an abusive delivery guy telling me I wasn't a valued customer and should pay £20! Won't be using again!

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Johns Fish And Chips, Bournemouth(Review by Elizellen)

Excellent fish and chips and chicken breas whih are very good value! The staff and owner are always cheerful and helpful - one even delivered a missing item to my home after I phoned up about it!! Thoroughly recommended.

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Alma Inn, Southampton(Review by Del)

Our first visit, breakfast food was just warm eggs dry and hard. It works out dear as you have to pay extra for mushrooms and coffee. But I must say that Debbie and staff are very good we do like our food hotter. This was 9am so the food should be hotter than yours was.

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Naan, Bournemouth(Review by Jag)

Excellent food, Must try Mutter Panner in veg and Lahori chicken curry. Biryani is mind blowing. Will rate it 5/5.

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The Marquis Of Granby, Weymouth(Review by Magica)

HOW NOT TO HANDLE A COMPLAINT AND I DON'T MEAN THE ONE ABOUT THE FOOD. On previous visits the food has been of a very good standard so when my visiting son suggested The Marquis for a family meal we had no problem even though our last visit was in September of last year. Was a little concerned when we arrived to be greeted at the entrance down the steps from the car park by buckets each side of the door full of cigarette ends and I am not exaggerating here, looks like they had not been emptied in days if not weeks or else they have some very heavy smokers as customers. Not something you would expect to see outside a good quality establishment and I hoped the food had not gone down as well. My son's meal of steak was fine, however the new potatoes accompanying my husband's meal were barely cooked and the outback ribs I was served were on this occasion overdone leading them to be dry, tough and tasteless instead of succulently falling off the bone as they should. Our waitress apologised and when I showed her the difficulty in cutting through the meat agreed that the ribs were not as they should be and offered to change the meal. Also the potatoes were taken back for a few more moments in the microwave. Top marks for handling this part of the situation. The problem began when the meal was returned. My son remarked how were were getting the evil eye from the cook and kitchen staff, I looked over and they were most definitely not happy with us. While I waited for my replacement meal we continued to get looks from a female kitchen staff member to the point where it was becoming annoying and upsetting especially when my replacement meal was served as once again our table was the centre of the kitchen staff's attention. Upset an annoyed I went to speak to the manageress and it is her attitude and the way she handled my complaint the ONLY reason why I am writing this negative review. I firmly told her that I disliked the way were were being gawked at by her staff and that I found it upsetting and unnecessary. She went straight onto the defensive an abruptly told be that the staff were her family members and that there was nothing wrong with my meal as she had eaten the ribs many times. I agreed that the ribs were usually very good but I felt that because I'd sent them back should not mean that we get dirty looks from her staff, (sorry her family members). When I said that the waitress had agreed they were not to standard I was told this time that the waitress was also a family member. I was then told to lower my voice and return to my table, I'd had my meal replaced what more did I want? Sadly I suffer from a degree of hearing loss so at times my voice is louder than it should be especially when I am upset but I am sure that it was not that loud as it did not seem to be disturbing other people at tables nearby. The woman then said in a very sneering tone that she would serve us herself and would stop her staff looking at me, if I didn't want to be looked at then they wouldn't look at me. I remained calm and told her how bad she was making me, a customer, feel by her manner and the way she was handling this to which she walked off into the kitchen. I returned to the table, what should have been a nice evening ruined. Too upset to eat further my son paid the bill IN FULL to which she said to my husband again in a very flippant manner that she was sorry if her staff had upset his wife by just looking at her. I really DON'T CARE about being served a substandard meal, it happens in all of the best restaurants on occasions and they did the right thing by offering to replace it and I was more than happy with that BUT I will not accept being made uncomfortable by staff rubber necking with po faces over at the table that dared to send a meal back and I will not accept being spoken to as though I were a child. All this woman had to do was to remain professional and say something along the lines of 'sorry I'm sure they didn't mean too, it's unusual for meals to come back etc. and I'll have a word with them' but no she chose to react in a very unprofessional way and as a result has lost custom and earned a negative review.

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