The Buffet Brigade

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You've seen them. In fact, maybe you are one. So before we go any further, you better complete this simple test of your food personality:

Answer each of these questions 'yes' or 'no' and award yourself a point for each 'yes'.

I like carveries
I have gone back for 'seconds' when out for a meal
I have used the salad bar in Pizza Hut
I think ice sculpture is charming
I have eaten baked beans at a restaurant
I know what a vol-au-vent is
I have walked out of a restaurant with fruit in my pocket
I have had two or more types of roast meat on my plate at the same time
I have seen a pig with an orange in its mouth
I have nothing against shaved carrot

If you scored 4 or under you are an a la carte kind of guy/girl. You would rather have your teeth pulled out one-by-one than queue up for your food. You aren't exactly sure who Ronald McDonald is but he might have been a character in Braveheart. You have not eaten prawns with Marie Rose sauce since the early 1980s. If not a Leo, you should be.

If you scored between 5 and 7 you are borderline buffet brigade. When the waiter brings round the bread rolls you sometimes ask for two. You have conceptual problems with the proposition that wine costs more in a restaurant than a supermarket. You always have your steaks well done and think people that order Perrier instead of tapwater are slightly suspect.

If you scored between 8 and 10 you are a fully-paid-up member of the club. You believe restaurants that put lots of ice in your drinks are part of a global conspiracy to rip you off. Wine waiters make you uncomfortable. Chips are one of your major food groups and you think most restaurants undercook the vegetables. You wouldn't dream of leaving a tip if the service charge is included.


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